Wallet as a Service for Building Web3 Experiences

Fordefi’s wallet-as-a-service provides the building blocks for integrating a non-custodial wallet into your application, so that you can provide a seamless and tailored user experience.

End-User Custody Infrastructure

Ownership and Transparency

Users today want clarity over how their digital assets are custodied and control over who can move their funds. Empower your users with a wallet experience that provides them both control over their assets and transparency into their activities with on-chain transactions.

Secure Multi-Party Computation

When it comes to safeguarding your users’ digital assets, MPC offers institutional-grade security. MPC reduces the vulnerability to key theft, guaranteeing that the private key remains concealed from any individual party or device throughout its entire lifecycle.

Intuitive Device Recovery

Provide your users full control over their backup storage with flexible options for instant, secure, and independent recovery.

End-User Custody Infrastructure

Ownership and Transparency
Secure Multi-Party Computation
Intuitive Device Recovery

Composable APIs for an Enriched Experience

Web3 transactions shouldn't be complicated. Fordefi’s transaction simulator can help your users better understands their transactions before they sign, by displaying easy-to-read details.

Seamlessly incorporate security features into your platform and notify your users about potential threats from malicious smart contracts and phishing attempts.

Web3 transactions shouldn't be complicated. Fordefi’s transaction simulator can help your users better understands their transactions before they sign, by displaying easy-to-read details.

Provide your users with precise insights into their digital assets and transactions, by offering real-time token and NFT data, all within the same integrated API.

Secure and Scalable Operations

Gain valuable insights into user goals by monitoring and tracking a wide range of wallet activities. Additionally, manage wallets and set granular controls with ease through Fordefi’s user-friendly dashboard or via API.

Unified Operations Hub

Manage user wallet addresses

Track and monitor transaction activity

Track and monitor the digital assets of each user

Create and manage wallets

Screenshot of dashboard of Secure & Scalable Operations

Compliant & Secure Workflows

Define and enforce policies

Implement additional security controls hor high-risk activity

Whitelist approved dApps or

Block access to restricted dApps and smart contracts

Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Screenshot of rule making for Compliant & Secure Workflows

Our Customers

We are incredibly excited to have Fordefi as our partner. The professionalism and reliability of the Fordefi team have been demonstrated in our day-to-day interactions. Their commitment to security and speed of execution is imperative in this fast-moving industry.

Jeth Soetoyo,
Founder, Pintu

Enterprise-Grade Security for Web3

MPC Protocols

MPC is the gold standard of secure key management. MPC mitigates the risk of key theft, by never revealing the private key to any single party or device.

Disaster Recovery

Our system guarantees you access to your recovery, by providing you with an independent disaster recovery kit for all key material held by Fordefi.

Secure Enclaves

Secure enclaves provide an extra layer of security by physically segregating and protecting sensitive data from potential threats or unauthorized access.

Externally Audited

Fordefi has completed a SOC2 Type || certification by Ernst & Young, and completes annual security audits and penetration tests.

Meeting All Your Wallet Needs

Fordefi is the only solution that combines our powerful wallet API with an MPC SDK, enabling our clients to embed a Web3 wallet within their existing application and connect their users to the blockchain. Our semi-custodial MPC architecture provides the strongest level of security, while supporting flexible and user-friendly backup and recovery methods.