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Platform for Managing Your Digital Assets

For builders, traders, and operators, Fordefi’s comprehensive MPC wallet platform and web3 gateway enables you to securely self-custody your private keys, seamlessly connect to thousands of dApps across any blockchain, protect your workflows with granular policies, and manage your digital asset operations all-in-one place.

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Upgrade Your Asset Management with Fordefi's Next-Gen Wallet Platform

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Scale your strategy with secure connectivity to thousands of protocols

Ouroboros Capital is a crypto native hedge fund that secures their digital assets and manages their trading operations with Fordefi.

Transacts with Fordefi’s native browser extension across multiple chains

Defines policies for their trading desk with Fordefi’s policy engine capable of labeling entire dApps and protocols

Manages their DeFi investment portfolio through Fordefi’s user-friendly dashboard

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Protect your private keys from DeFi risks with an in-depth defense system.

Keyrock is a leading digital asset market maker that secures their private keys and manages their DeFi trading operations with Fordefi.

Leverages Fordefi’s MPC key management technology to sign DeFi transactions

Self-custodies private keys with Fordefi’s MPC key management technology and hardware isolation infrastructure

Operates DeFi trading strategies through Fordefi’s developer-friendly wallet API

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Unlock Seamless Cross-Chain Interactions with deBridge.

DeBridge is a high-performance and secure interoperability layer for Web3 that enables decentralized transfers of arbitrary messages and value between blockchains.

Simplify asset transfers across multiple blockchains with our unified protocol.

Tap into a global liquidity network that scales without the bottlenecks of liquidity pools.

Access a robust infrastructure designed to handle high volumes of transactions while maintaining top-notch security standards.


Explore Fordefi’s MPC Wallet Solution

Maximum Security Infrastructure icon

Maximum Security Infrastructure

Our architecture uses MPC protocols, isolated hardware, and biometrics, preventing single-point failures by denying any single point of failure.

Ubiquitous Blockchain Connectivity

Stop switching between wallets and struggling with unstable connections. Our unified browser extension enables you to seamlessly connect to thousands of dApps across any blockchain, with a single extension.

Unprecedented transaction enrichment icon

Unprecedented Transaction Enrichment

Never sign or approve a blind transaction again. Our transaction enrichment system provides concise insights into each transaction, allowing you to verify its integrity, mitigate risks, and grasp its financial impact.

Enterprise-Level Performance icon

Enterprise-Level Performance

Our enterprise-grade platform enables millions in daily transaction volume with a guaranteed up-time of 99.9%.

Zero Counter-Party
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Zero Counter-Party

You remain in full control of your private keys. You can self-custody your own backup keys or use a third-party, for independent disaster recovery.

Governance & Policy Management Icon

Governance & Policy Management

Protect your assets against internal and external attacks. With Fordefi’s flexible policy engine, you can set thresholds based off of protocols, action, amount, and more.

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Our unparalleled support from a world-class team of cryptographers, blockchain experts, and cybersecurity veterans.

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Externally Audited & Validated

We’ve successfully completed a SOC 2 Type II certification by Ernst & Young, and a penetration testing exercise security assessment by Skylight Cyber.

Customer Stories

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    Theia Chooses Fordefi’s MPC Wallet to Pursue Small Cap Token Investment Strategy

    "We’re excited to announce that , a blockchain investment fund, has chosen Fordefi as their MPC wallet to support ongoing multi-chain token strategies. Theia sought an MPC wallet equipped with robust DeFi-specific features such as...

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    Liquibit Capital Chooses Fordefi’s MPC Wallet to Support DEX Trading Operations

    "We’re excited to announce that Liquibit Capital, a quantitative-driven investment management company, has chosen Fordefi as their MPC wallet to securely support trading strategies on dYdX, a decentralized exchange platform...

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  • Article Topic

    Ouroboros Capital Chooses Fordefi’s MPC Wallet to Scale Liquid Strategies

    "We’re excited to announce that Ouroboros Capital, a crypto native hedge fund, has chosen Fordefi as their MPC wallet to support ongoing multi-chain liquid fund strategies. Ouroboros Capital was seeking an MPC wallet with DeFi-focused features...

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    DeFiance Capital Chooses Fordefi’s MPC Wallet Platform

    "We’re excited to announce that DeFiance Capital, an industry leading web3 and crypto venture investment firm, has chosen Fordefi as their MPC wallet. DeFiance Capital was one of Fordefi’s initial design partners, collaborating with our team since late 2021...

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    Keyrock Chooses Fordefi’s DeFi Wallet & Security Platform

    "We’re excited to announce that Keyrock, an industry leading digital asset market maker, has chosen Fordefi as their DeFi wallet. We first met the Keyrock team several months ago while still in stealth, and are excited to have them join us...

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Developer Solutions

Your All-In-One Platform For Key Management and Blockchain Connectivity

Fordefi's Wallet API is a complete wallet solution, from secure private-key management and wallet creation, to full transaction lifecycle, asset listing, and real-time notifications, all with uncompromising security.

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Create self-custody MPC wallets at scale

Mint, custody, and transfer tokens and NFTs

Secure and deploy smart contract transactions

Automate transaction signing and approvals

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Earned SOC 2 Type 2 from Ernest & Young.


Munich Re is a global leader in reinsurance and risk solutions.


Skylight Cyber and NCC Group are leading cybersecurity firms specializing in cybersecurity and risk mitigation.