Unrivaled Transaction Clarity Before You Sign

In DeFi, transactions carry inherent risks. With Fordefi's browser extension and API, we help you confidently mitigate those risks through robust transaction simulation, enrichment, and risk signals.

Transaction Simulation

Fordefi’s transaction simulation ensures you understand your transaction in full detail. We do this by simulating your transaction and observing the expected effects on your assets.

Smart Contract Enrichment

Fordefi’s DApp Directory maps smart contracts to their corresponding DApps. The matching provides transaction enrichment, ensuring you know who you’re interacting with.

Web3 Risk Alerts

Fordefi's web3 risk signals promptly notify you of suspicious activity during your transaction, enabling real-time adjustments.

DApp Directory Enrichment

Validate Your Counterparty

Fordefi’s DApp Directory identifies your counterparty and populates this information during simulation, ensuring you know who you’re interacting with. Our process involves mapping smart contract addresses to their corresponding dApp, maintaining and updating our repository to help streamline your operations.

Simulation screenshot
Simulation code screenshot

Actionable Security Insights

Take Action with Risk Alerts

With Fordefi's Web3 Risk Alerts you'll receive timely notifications of any potentially suspicious behavior, enabling you to make adjustments to your transaction in real-time. Our alerts include:

First interaction with a smart contract
Unlimited allowance and unlimited approvals
Unverified contracts or EOAs
Transactions likely to revert

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